Matrix utilises industry leading software along with unrivalled levels of expertise to turn customers’ BOMs into production-ready kits efficiently and cost-effectively.

By purchasing a single, top-level item rather than individual parts, the true cost is significantly reduced. Production can also be managed more efficiently, as complete kits can be delivered exactly as and when required. The financial benefit of this is also significant, with reduced inventory leading to improved cash flow.

Lean processes mean that small margins can be applied, and kits can usually be supplied at customers’ existing costs or less. Add to this the indirect savings achieved through reduced administration and kitting can prove to be extremely cost effective.

Matrix uses SAP to manage customer BOMs and allow complex consolidation of materials to be carried out. This reduces complexity and ensures the best costs can be achieved.

All kitting activity is carried out by highly trained personnel in an ESD controlled environment which has recently been extended and upgraded.

Attrition can be added at agreed levels and included in the price of the kit to provide a true cost including wastage and minimise machine downtime caused by shortages.

For companies that have outsourced their production, component kitting allows them to maintain direct control of material cost by free-issuing kits to their chosen manufacturing partner.

The benefits of using Matrix for Component Kitting include: 

  • Less complexity
  • Reduced inventory
  • Lower costs
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved productivity
  • Greater focus on other key areas

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