It typically involves not only the placing of orders, but also costing / estimating, order confirmation and expediting, re-sourcing and the monitoring of supplier performance.

Focus on such day-to-day activities and ensuring product is available at the appropriate time is not always consistent with obtaining the best pricing and this can have a negative affect on the competitiveness of a business. In addition to this, activity levels can be hugely unpredictable and difficult to manage, leading to insufficient resources during busy periods and too much during quieter times.

Matrix provides a full procurement service to a number of its customers, enabling them to utilise their expertise more effectively, focussing on other key areas.

An array of industry sourcing tools and unparalleled knowledge of global markets combined with a significant group spend on components enable Matrix to be highly competitive.

Matrix uses MRP and BOM management tools within SAP to provide a highly efficient purchasing service.

The benefits of using Matrix for Full Procurement include:

  • Less complexity
  • Reduced inventory 
  • Lower costs
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved productivity
  • Greater focus on other key areas 

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